Prior to my tenure in Congress, I worked for the New Jersey Department of Transportation as the Director of the Office of Civil Rights, Contract Compliance and Affirmative Action. While addressing transportation challenges in New Jersey, I made safety, opportunity, and economic growth a priority. As your representative I am proud to continue promoting those core values through my work in the House of Representatives.

As a member of the Appropriations Committee, I am determined to invest in transportation and infrastructure with close attention to safety, addressing the needs of our most vulnerable citizens. With my support, the Department of Transportation will receive funding to ensure safety on our roads and rails. I go further to prioritize safety with H.R. 5131, The Surface Transportation and Public Area Security Act of 2018. The bill would require the Department of Homeland Security to address emerging threats to our surface transportation system. Additionally, my dedication to economic growth can be seen in H.R. 3055, 2020’s transportation and housing funding bill, which promotes forward-looking investments to lay the ground work for both economic growth and opportunity.

Recently, I introduced the Prohibit Auto Insurance Act (PAID Act) to end discriminatory, non-driving factor practice when applying for auto insurance. I understand that citizens should not be discriminated against based on their income, education level, and other unrelated driving history when applying for car insurance. I strongly believe all residents across the United States deserve equity in auto insurance.

I will continue to establish transportation policies that benefit all American communities, guided by these key values: safety, opportunity, and economic growth.