April 01, 2022

Watson Coleman Votes to Lower Cost of Insulin for New Jersey Families

Yesterday, Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (NJ-12) voted for landmark legislation to deliver lower insulin costs.  By capping out-of-pocket expenses, the Affordable Insulin Now Act will ensure that New Jersey families pay no more than $35 for a monthly supply of insulin.

“Health care is a fundamental human right, and in the richest country in the world, no one should struggle to afford life-saving medication,” said Rep. Watson Coleman. “I was proud to cosponsor and vote for the Affordable Insulin Now Act, which will ensure that New Jerseyans with diabetes will never pay a penny over $35 for the medication they need. This is personal for me, just like it is for the millions of people who rely on insulin.”

The cost of insulin skyrocketed by 54 percent between 2014 and 2019. This has created a crisis for the 8.1 percent of New Jerseyans who live with diabetes, many of whom have been forced to choose between paying for insulin and covering other essential costs. Americans currently face an average price of $98.70 for a unit of insulin — ten times higher than in other wealthy nations. One in four Americanswho rely on insulin has been forced to ration doses due to high prices, a last resort with potentially fatal consequences.  

The Affordable Insulin Now Act is a step toward changing that. The bill will require private health insurance plans to cover insulin, limiting monthly cost-sharing to $35 or 25 percent of a plan’s negotiated price – whichever is lower.  Additionally, it requires Medicare prescription drug plans to limit cost-sharing for insulin to $35 per month. This landmark legislation is only one piece of House Democrats’ plan to comprehensively reform our nation’s health care system and control the high cost of prescription drugs.

“Every American deserves to have their basic needs met, and that means insulin should never be out of reach for those who need it. Nobody should be forced to choose between paying their rent and protecting their health,” said Rep. Watson Coleman.  “I’m honored to work alongside my House Democratic colleagues as we continue our fight to bring down prescription drug prices across the board and improve quality of life for working New Jersey families.”