July 31, 2020

Watson Coleman, Pallone, Kim Applaud House Passage of Appropriations Bill that Provides Relief for Families Still Recovering from Sandy

Representatives Bonnie Watson Coleman (NJ-12), Frank Pallone, Jr. (NJ-06), and Andy Kim (NJ-03) today applauded House passage of an appropriations bill that provides relief for families currently required to pay back disaster relief funds they received after Superstorm Sandy. Many homeowners who received relief funds have been required to repay some or all the funds, creating a financial burden during a time of economic crisis. 

“America came together after Superstorm Sandy to help New Jerseyans through a very dark period,” Congresswoman Watson Coleman said. “Now almost a decade later, some families face the prospect of having to pay back money that was erroneously given to them through no fault of their own, even when the family member who received them has passed away, their home was foreclosed upon, or they filed bankruptcy. I’m glad we could rectify this situation and help families finally put some of the lingering pain of Sandy behind them.”

“The passage of this bill is good news for New Jersey residents and communities who still face extraordinary financial strain as a result of Superstorm Sandy’s devastation,” Congressman Pallone said. “This financial relief would go a long way to help hardworking New Jersey families who are still recovering from Sandy. I want to thank Congresswoman Watson Coleman and Congressman Kim for their outstanding leadership on this important issue.”   

“This is another step in the right direction to provide much needed relief to our neighbors. We owe it to those still struggling to get by from Superstorm Sandy to do everything we can to close that chapter and let them move on with the peace of mind of knowing their financial burdens from that crisis are behind them,” Congressman Kim said. “I want to thank Congresswoman Watson Coleman, Chairman Pallone and the incredible partners throughout New Jersey who have helped make this a priority and make this possible.”

The bill allows the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to waive recoupment of disaster relief. Families may qualify for waivers if the recipient has died, if they were defrauded, filed for bankruptcy or experienced foreclosure, or received assistance from multiple programs.