June 04, 2015

Watson Coleman Votes Against Cuba Travel Amendment to Transportation Appropriations Bill

For Immediate Release:

Washington, DC (June 4, 2015) ― Today, Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman issued the following statement after voting against the Lee-Sanford amendment to the FY 2016 Transportation Housing and Urban Development Appropriations bill, which would allow air and sea travel between the United States and Cuba:

“Normalizing relations with Cuba is an issue with significant civil rights, social justice, and national security implications, and many voices with valid opinions on either side. As such, it deserves a serious and dedicated debate that considers every angle ― from the ongoing mistreatment of Cuban citizens by the Castro regime, to the potential for trade and economic growth that would benefit both of our nations.

“I cannot support a piecemeal approach to dealing with such a massive policy shift. An amendment to an appropriations bill gives us little opportunity to address important questions. I look forward to a more thorough discussion with my colleagues that solves the many outstanding issues of security, diplomacy and human rights that normal relations with Cuba would encompass. ”