April 28, 2021

Watson Coleman Uplifts Trenton Resident as Virtual Guest to Presidential Address

Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman Invites Trenton Resident Who Helped Deliver PPE During the Coronavirus Pandemic as Virtual Guest to President Biden’s Joint Address to Congress 100 Days into Administration

Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman is uplifting a Trenton resident named Paula Skelton as her virtual guest to President Biden’s Joint Address to Congress on Wednesday.  Paula works for the Dept of Health in their Public Employees Occupational Safety and Health program.  She is an essential worker and during the pandemic was on the front lines of inspections, delivering PPE, and holding employers accountable for the wellbeing of their workers.

The Joint Address, which is President Biden’s first speech to a Joint Session of Congress, marks 100 days into the President’s first term. In the past, Members of Congress have often invited constituents to join them as guests to such speeches. While COVID-19 safety protocols mean this year’s in-person attendance will be limited, Watson Coleman said inviting Ms. Skelton as her virtual guest is an important way to honor the people of New Jersey’s 12th District and lift of their stories.

“100 Days into our work with this Administration, the American Rescue Plan is delivering shots in arms, money in pockets, children in schools and people in jobs while ensuring their safety. Americans like Paula Skelton are the true heroes of this recovery, and I am proud to uplift her as my virtual guest to the Presidential Address,” said Watson Coleman.

“Working during these times, it just shows our perseverance as a community with our government here to combat this issue and to try to get things back on track. I’m just grateful to be here,” said Skelton, who plans to watch the speech from her home in Trenton.