September 22, 2023

Watson Coleman Statement on Appointment of Reginald Browne to US Semiquincentennial Commission

Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman made the following statement after the appointment of Reginald Browne to the US Semiquincentennial Commission:

"I am thrilled that Mr. Reginald Browne has been appointed to the United States Semiquincentennial Commission as their newest member. Mr. Browne is a qualified and dependable business leader whose insight and experiences will be beneficial as the Commission continues its work ahead of our nation’s 250th anniversary in 2026. 

"Mr. Browne is a principal at GTS, a global financial services provider with 30,000 financial instruments around the world. Mr. Browne has extensive experience in finance and capital markets, playing a significant role in the United States Exchange Traded Funds industry. He is without a doubt fully equipped to contribute to the efforts of the Commission. 

"I look forward to the valuable work of Mr. Browne and the rest of the US Semiquincentennial Commission in preparing for our nation’s historic milestone."

The US Semiquincentennial Commission, also known as America250, is made up of a collection of lawmakers, cabinet officials, business and civic leaders, historians, and upstanding public servants tasked with commemorating the 250th anniversary of American independence. America250 is currently organizing a multi-year celebration that offers an opportunity to reflect on our nation's history, pay tribute to the contributions of all Americans, and look ahead toward our collective future.