January 03, 2020

Watson Coleman Statement Attack at Iraqi Airport Against High-Level Iranian Military Officials

Washington, DC (January 3, 2020) — Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ) issued the following statement following news that President Donald Trump had ordered an airstrike at an airport in Baghdad, killing Iran’s top security and intelligence commander:

“This is a direct antagonization and dangerous escalation that risks the United States entering a conflict unauthorized by Congress. The unending lies told by this president, covered up by further lies and obfuscations from his administration, make it virtually impossible to believe his motivations and explanations for such actions, especially when he refuses to consult the Congress.

“Trump continues to show flagrant disrespect for the system of government our founders set up — one in which Congress is a co-equal branch with specific and exclusive powers, including the power to authorize military action. Now, he does so while threatening any further opportunity to rely on diplomacy to ensure we don’t enter another endless international crisis.”