October 25, 2022

Statement on CPC Letter Regarding Ukraine

Today, Congresswoman Watson Coleman released the following statement after a Congressional Progressive Caucus letter regarding diplomatic efforts in Ukraine was sent and then retracted by the CPC:

“I unequivocally affirm my support for Ukraine’s right to sovereignty and to defend itself against Putin’s unlawful, unjust invasion. Rights of security and resistance of oppression are fundamental human rights. I have consistently voted to support aid to Ukraine and the letter I originally signed does not indicate a change in that support; in fact, it reaffirms it. 

“While the timing of the release of the letter was unfortunate and outside my control, in no way should the letter be conflated with recent statements by Congressional Republicans threatening to end aid to Ukraine. I want to be clear that I support the President when he says, “nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine.” That means no peace agreement on terms without Ukraine’s support. I’ve consistently held the position – as this letter reiterated – that, unlike Congressional Republicans, we should continue to provide economic and military aid for Ukraine while also advocating diplomacy when it appears a diplomatic solution is possible as all modern wars end in peace agreements.

“The atrocities committed by President Putin against Ukrainian civilians are horrific should be met with condemnation and resistance. The War in Ukraine has cost the lives of nearly 100,000 Ukrainians including over 30,000 civilians. Eventual diplomatic solutions should be considered alongside military and economic support for Ukraine to bring an end to the bloodshed that puts the lives of countless more civilians in jeopardy.”