March 06, 2024

Rep. Watson Coleman Votes to Fund Government, Secure $18.1M for 12th District

Earlier today, Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman, New Jersey’s sole appropriator, voted to fund for a full year six key appropriations bills, including funding for the departments of Agriculture, Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Veterans’ Affairs, among others. 

The appropriations package also includes $18.1 million in federal funding for projects based in New Jersey’s 12th Congressional District. The money will be used to improve Trenton Mercer International Airport, improve roads and highways throughout the district, and support local community organizations like the YMCA, in addition to various other public goods.

“After months of chaos, brinkmanship, and short-term solutions, I was glad to finally vote to fund these essential agencies for the full year,” said Watson Coleman (NJ-12). “And as New Jersey’s sole appropriator, I was glad to vote for a bill that directs needed federal resources to the 12th District. The services this bill enables and the projects it supports will allow our communities to thrive. I look forward to voting on the next package of bills, and fully funding the government.”

Funding for the following projects in New Jersey’s 12th Congressional District, totaling $18.1 million, is included in the House-passed measure:

  • $715,000 for the River Basin Commissions (Mid-Atlantic River Basin Commissions: Delaware River Basin Commission) 
  • $218,500 for the 500 Mountainview Terrace Bike Path Project 
  • $700,000 for the East Trenton Library Community Center 
  • $1,500,000 for the Montgomery Floodplain Restoration Project 
  • $1,247,000 for the Mt. Carmel Guild Rehabilitation 
  • $4,000,000 for the Plainfield - Route 28 Improvements Project 
  • $433,000 for the Plainfield Avenue Corridor Improvement Project 
  • $1,803,000 for the Princeton YMCA Renovation 
  • $1,050,000 for the Rebuilding of Ewing Senior & Community Center 
  • $850,000 for the Route 522 Realignment Extension 
  • $680,000 for the Ryders Lane Bicycle and Pedestrian Extension 
  • $800,000 for the Trenton Entrepreneur Accelerator Space Project 
  • $4,116,279 for the Trenton Mercer Airport (TTN) Taxiway Project