February 06, 2024

Rep. Watson Coleman Statement on Republicans’ Cynical Political Posturing

Washington, D.C. (February 6, 2024) — Today, Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman issued the following statement regarding Republicans’ cynical political posturing around foreign aid to Israel:

“Throughout my time in Congress I’ve had a consistent voting record, providing our ally Israel with the resources it needs to keep its people safe, in keeping with our own values of defending democracy and human rights. Helping our allies like Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan defend themselves from outside aggression also protects the United States and its interests. Additionally, we must provide humanitarian aid to those who have been devastated by the war between Israel and Hamas. 

“Make no mistake, this bill is not a serious attempt to support a crucial U.S. ally.  It is political posturing by House Republicans who are more concerned with disrupting a separate piece of legislation in the Senate, than they are with supporting our allies around the globe.

“In recent months, House Republicans have shown a shameful cynicism regarding Israel, including a proposal to use aid to Israel as leverage to jam through cuts to our own ability to investigate rich tax cheats.

“This bill is yet another cynical political stunt and so I voted against it."