April 16, 2024

Rep. Watson Coleman Statement on Partisan GOP Stunt to Exploit Mid-East Crisis

Washington D.C. (April 16, 2024) - Today, as House Republicans brought forth yet another messaging bill that fails to address the urgent crisis in the Middle East, Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (NJ-12) made the following statement on House Resolution 883

"Antisemitism is a threat to our communities here and abroad and should be addressed in concrete ways in order to protect our Jewish neighbors. But, continuing to vote on non-binding messaging resolutions to score partisan political points is not a concrete solution and is disrespectful to the seriousness of the situation.

"This resolution inflames tensions when de-escalation must be the goal. As the conflict in the Middle East worsens and the humanitarian need grows every day, Congress must be focused on passing supplemental aid that addresses dire needs, eliminating Hamas, securing safe release of the hostages, and working towards a two-state solution. Aid to Ukraine, Taiwan, suffering Palestinian civilians, and the defense of our ally Israel is paramount.

"Today’s frivolous resolution condemning the phrase 'from the river to the sea' - a phrase already condemned by the House of Representatives - is yet another distraction. 

"The American people don't want to be pulled into a broader regional war; they want us to expand the Child Tax Credit, address gun violence, mental health, climate change, and affordable health care and child care and they deserve a Congress that will deliver on these issues.

"This legislation distracts from the serious business we should be doing and so I voted 'no.'"