May 01, 2024

Rep. Watson Coleman Statement on Antisemitism Awareness Act

Washington, DC (Wednesday, May 1, 2024) — Today, Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (NJ-12) issued the following statement regarding her vote on the Antisemitism Awareness Act:

“Today, my decision to vote against the Antisemitism Awareness Act is rooted in the belief that concrete, bipartisan efforts are essential to combatting the rising threat of antisemitism. I recognize the urgency of addressing hate in all its forms, and for this reason I cannot support legislation that lacks substantive solutions and only serves to exacerbate divisions within our society. 

“As a Member of Congress, I am committed to introducing and supporting legislation that brings our country closer to the promise of a more perfect union. As a Congress, it is our responsibility to enact meaningful legislation that is representative of the will of the American people. Rather than engaging in symbolic gestures, this legislative body should be taking action to protect and support all its vulnerable communities from the hateful rhetoric and bigoted retaliation that has unfortunately become so commonplace during times of conflict. 

“I strongly urge the House to take up the bipartisan Countering Antisemitism Act introduced by Reps. Chris Smith and Kathy Manning, which offers actual provisions to combat antisemitism. 

“Their measure, which I strongly support and have requested to co-sponsor, builds on the important work of the Biden administration by helping to implement their National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism, and provides a White House National Coordinator to the Task Force to Counter Antisemitism, as well as other important, substantive measures to combat antisemitism. 

“I have also introduced a resolution condemning hate in all forms, which has yet to be taken up. I strongly encourage the Republican Speaker to take action on this resolution, as well. Hate has absolutely no place in our communities.

“I have stated repeatedly, I strongly condemn antisemitism, and reaffirm that it has no place in our society.”