January 11, 2019

Congresswoman Watson Coleman and Assemblymen Zwicker and Freiman Issued the Following Statements in Response to a Planned Rally of White Supremacists on Saturday in Princeton

WASHINGTON, DC (January 11, 2019) - Today, Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ) and State Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker issued the following statements in response to a planned rally of white supremacists on Saturday in Princeton.

“The freedom of speech that protects you and me unfortunately protects the right of those who have planned a white supremacist rally in our community this weekend. While they may come to spout hate and division,  I’m confident they will quickly learn that our neighborhoods offer few sympathetic ears.  I am proud of those in Princeton who reject this kind of bigotry and inhumanity, choosing to respond with love and inclusivity.  I know many in Princeton will want to confront hate and stand up for their friends, classmates and colleagues. If you do I implore you to protest peacefully. Don’t let their hate poison your own heart. Show them that Princeton rejects hate and violence.” - Congresswoman Watson Coleman

"These few people who choose to spout their hatred want to divide us.  They will not and cannot ever prevail here in Princeton, the state, or the country as a whole, because an attack on our neighbors is not just an attack on our neighborhoods, but our humanity.  There is no room in our community for those who would choose hate, bigotry, and ignorance over love, empathy, and understanding.  I will stand with my community this Saturday, as we peacefully demonstrate that diversity and compassion for each other is far mightier than those white supremacists who have chosen to gather because, hate has no home here." - Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker

“Seeing blatant acts of bigotry and hatred like the rally planned for Saturday really infuriates me – especially when they’re happening in my own backyard. This behavior does not represent the values we stand for in New Jersey and it will never be welcomed here.” - Assemblyman Roy Freiman