As a public servant, I am uniquely positioned to advocate for accessible, high-quality education for our nation's children. I am committed to providing every child with the opportunity to go to school in an inclusive, safe, and engaging environment that encourages critical, independent thinking and prepares students for fulfilling professional careers. With Congressional support today, we can foster a positive, empowering education system for the future of our country.

For example, as a member of the House Committee on Appropriations, and the Labor, Health and Human Services, Education and Related Agencies Subcommittee, I expressly requested and secured funding for the 2023 budget for a revitalization of the East Brunswick Public Library as a center of community and learning.

Furthermore, I am cognizant of the extent to which education enables economic mobility as well as personal and professional freedom. As a result, it is critical that all young scholars have access to opportunities that will allow them to accomplish their goals. In support of this belief, I have long championed accessibility by sponsoring and supporting legislation that uplifts at-risk children and families. For example, I've cosponsored the Ending Punitive, Unfair, School-based Harm that is Overt and Unresponsive to Trauma (Ending PUSHOUT) Act (HR 2248), which seeks to end the punitive pushout of girls of color from schools and disrupt the school-to-confinement pathway.

It is for this reason that I have championed the fight against racial disparities in our education system affecting children's experiences and their ability to immerse themselves completely in their school work and social lives. For example, I have been proud to sponsor the CROWN Act (H.R. 2116) as well as a resolution Acknowledging the racial disparities in diagnosing and treating mental health among youth in communities of color (H.Res. 480).

Quality education in the United States is one of our most fundamental rights. I will remain committed to removing systemic barriers to the enjoyment of this basic freedom as long as I remain in office.

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