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This is Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman and I wanted to check in with you as we enter the final quarter of the year!

You must know that it is truly an honor to represent New Jersey's 12th congressional district - the heart of Central Jersey. As you know there's a lot going on here on Capitol Hill and back home. I hope this newsletter, which we will send out monthly, will keep you updated and give you an inside look into all the work my staff and I in Washington, D.C. and Ewing are doing on your behalf!

Getting Americans Back To Work
Earlier this month, Democratic Caucus Chairman Joe Crowley appointed me to a leadership role in the House Democratic Caucus Jobs for America task forces. I'm excited to serve as a co-chair of the Caucus' Rebuilding America Force that will develop and advance solutions that put Americans back to work by modernizing our nation’s infrastructure, expanding job opportunities in key industries, launching a school construction boom, updating our power grid and water infrastructure, and taking a visionary approach to the projects needed to put our country at the forefront of innovation. 

I sat down with the Washington Post to discuss how our nation has been the leader in tackling expansive projects that create jobs and it is time for the Congress to get serious about real solutions to live up to this legacy - see what I had to say here.

Censure Trump

Sadly, our nation has a sordid past ripe with discrimination and racism and while we have continued to make progress and move toward a more perfect union we must continue to stand up and speak out against injustice.

When President Trump reiterated his belief that "both sides" were to blame for white nationalist violence in Charlottesville he squandered yet another opportunity to show and prove that he is the President for all Americans. Our federal government has a responsibility to protect the American people, but it is difficult for us to carry out that responsibility when the Commander-in-Chief refuses to honestly acknowledge the harm that Neo-Nazis, Neo-Confederates, white nationalists, and other hate groups have on our society.

That's why I, alongside Reps. Jerry Nadler and Pramila Jayapal, introduced a Censure Resolution of President Trump for his disgraceful response to the white supremacists and Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia. Read more about it here or watch my interview above with MSNBC.

Fighting For DREAMERS

When President Trump announced that he would be rescinding DACA in just six months, it was a slap in the face to the over 800,000 brave DREAMers who came out of the shadows. It breaks the promise that our government made to these young men and women that if they came forward, paid fines, lived by the law and underwent extensive background checks, that we would not turn them over to ICE and rip them away form the only home they have ever known. 

Right now there are 22,000 New Jerseyans who have DACA status. The only difference these men and women have from other Americans is what we record on paper. They were brought to this country at no fault of their own which is why I will continue to urge Congressional Republicans to bring the bipartisan DREAM Act to the floor so that we may stay true to the promise that we made to our DREAMers like New Jersey resident Christian - brought to this country at 7 years old and is now a researcher at the Icahn School of Medicine.

Combating White Supremacy &
Protecting New Jersey Transit Systems

I was deeply disappointed by this Republican controlled Congress for rejecting two of my amendments that would have made New Jersey, and all of America, much safer. The first amendment would direct the Department of Homeland Security to include white supremacy and far-right extremism in its Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) programming. Created to address the root causes of violent extremism, CVE programming provides resources to communities to build and sustain local prevention efforts and promote the use of counter-narratives to confront violent extremist messaging online 

The second amendment would have restored $43 million in funding for TSA’s Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response teams.These teams are deployed to provide security at various transportation facilities, include rail and bus stations. This proposed cut, to one of the few federal programs that supports rail security, comes just one month after Al Qaeda’s magazine urged attacks on rail transportation.

Both of these amendments are critical, common sense solutions to help defend this nation from threats foreign and domestic. Read more.

Tax Reform With Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr.

As you know, Congressional Republicans recently released their "plan" for tax reform. I joined my friend and colleague, Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr., to answer some of your questions regarding tax reform. We are committed to fighting against Congressional Republicans and the Trump Administration on their plans to deliver tax cuts for the wealthy while America's middle class is being left behind. 

While our current tax system needs reform, these changes cannot be on the backs of hard-working and low-income Americans. Our tax system must be a vehicle to level the playing field and encourage economic growth, development and job creation but also, fairness; this Republican proposal hardly scratches that standard. Click on the video above to watch!

Protecting Our Environment

This Adminstration's budget proposal is a direct relfection of their priorities and sadly, they don't line up with what is best for our enviornment. While home in New Jersey, I joined Doug O'Malley, Director of Environment New Jersey, and other environmental advocates of New Jersey to explain just how dangerous the Trump Administration's massive cuts to the EPA budget will be for the Delaware River Watershed. Read more. 

Come See Me at a Town Hall!

I got to meet some of my amazing constituents this month while at a Town Hall with my colleague Rep. Frank Pallone (NJ-6) and Assemblywoman Sheila Oliver. There, I got to hear from all of you about your concerns on issues facing this nation and New Jersey.

Town Hall meetings are one of the best opportunities for me to tell you what is going on in DC, what we're fighting for and what you all need from Congress! I joined Senator Booker for a public policy forum in Princeton where I got to answer your questions and talk about federal policy and proposals, and in Lawrenceville, Reps. MacArthur and Pallone and I got together to discuss how we can better serve the men and women in our armed services and their families.

Make sure you follow me on Facebook and Twitter to find out where I will see you for my next Town Hall! 

District Grant Money

Service Academy Nominations

Each year I have the pleasure of nominating the best and brightest young men and women from New Jersey’s 12th Congressional District to our nation’s service academies. These academies include the Military Academy at West Point, New York, the Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland, the Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs, Colorado, and the Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, New York. Of particular interest is the Merchant Marine Academy, which is not as well-known but, I urge you to reach out to my office and obtain more information. 

Applying to a military service academy is just like applying to any other well regarded college, but you must also obtain a nomination from your Member of Congress. Attendance at the academies includes a free education as well as room and board. It comes with an obligation and commitment to serve in the U.S. military for a minimum of 5 years upon graduation (the Merchant Marine Academy obligation is different).

The deadline for Service Academy nominations is Friday, October 6th. You can find more information here. 

Congressional App Competition

I am excited to announce that the 2017 Congressional App Challenge is now underway. This nationwide effort allows students to compete against their peers by creating an application or “app” for mobile, tablet, or computer devices. The challenge is an opportunity to recognize and promote innovation and engagement in coding and computer science. Deadline for submissions at Friday, November 1st. You can find more information here. 

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