In Case You Missed It: Watson Coleman Calls Out Republican Colleagues in OpEd for COVID Malpractice and Inability to Acknowledge Facts

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Washington, January 12, 2021 | comments
Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman published an OpEd in the Washington Post calling out Republican colleagues for their refusal to wear masks and acknowledge facts, leading to the endangerment of the public and their peers. 

"Over the past day, a lot of people have asked me how I feel. They are usually referring to my covid-19 diagnosis and my symptoms. I feel like I have a mild cold. But even more than that, I am angry.

I am angry that after I spent months carefully isolating myself, a single chaotic day likely got me sick. I am angry that several of our nation’s leaders were unwilling to deal with the small annoyance of a mask for a few hours. I am angry that the attack on the Capitol and my subsequent illness have the same cause: my Republican colleagues’ inability to accept facts."
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